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Ana Mateos Ruiz-Camara, Dr. phil.


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+49 01778318330 · ana.mateos@lmu.de


• Ph. D. University of California, Berkeley. Romance Languages and Literatures, 2011.
• M. A. University of Pennsylvania. Philosophy, 2003.

Previous Professional Appointments
• Stanford University. Visiting Assistant Professor. Department of Iberian languages and cultures. Winter Quarter 2019-2020.
• University of California, Berkeley: Visiting Assistant Professor. Summer 2013 Department of Spanish and Portuguese, 2007-2014.
• University of California, Berkeley: Graduate Student Instructor. Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Philosophy Department. 2007-2011.

• “The Empire of the Local.” MLA, Washington D.C., January 2022.
• “The Color of Freedom: Two proposals and a subject Matter.” Bonn Center of Dependency Studies and Slavery. University of Bonn, November, 2020.
• “Not all Mothers are the Same.” NEMLA, Boston, March, 2020.
• “Your Body, my Pain in Ayguals de Izco's Los negros (1836).” University of Indiana, Bloomington, January 2020.
• “The Configuration of a New Racial Regime in Sáez de Melgar's Los Miserables.” Association of Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies. Pompeu Fabra University, July 2019.
• “A Black Woman Called 'Blanca la Extranjera' in Sáez de Melgar’s Los Miserables.” The 19th-century in 2019: Mapping women's writing in the long 19th century. California State University, Long Beach, April 2019.
• “Hispano-arabismo en el siglo XIX: ¿Una respuesta a los discursos orientalistas sobre España y el mundo árabe?” XXI. Deutscher Hispanistentag: Orte hispanischer Kultur in einer globalisierten Welt. Munich, March 2017.
• “Domesticating the Empire: Gender and Slavery in Las Españolas, Americanas y Lusitanas Pintadas por sí Mismas.” University of California, Berkeley, March 2016.
• “Mismatched Metaphors.” Crossing Thresholds: Decoloniality and Gender in Caribbean Knowledge. Universität Hannover, January 2013.
• “Eugenio María Hostos and Pan-Americanism.” Latin American Studies Association Meeting. San Francisco, May 2012.
• “The Transatlantic Dimension of the 1868 Revolution.” Hispanic Transatlantic Studies: A State of the Art. Wake Forest University, April 2012.
• “The Colonial as an Absence in Galdós.” (An)aesthetic of Absence. University of Toronto, March 2012.
• “Gender and Race in the Naturalist Novel.” Universidade de Coimbra, November 2011.
• “Race and Class in La Tribuna’s Representation of Female Sexuality.” Meeting of the Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association. Claremont Colleges, October 2011.
• “Realismo Transatlántico: Estudio Comparativo de Novelas Cubanas, Puertorriqueñas y Españolas del Siglo XIX.” TransitAreas: Convivencias en Centroamérica y el Caribe. Berlin/Potsdam, January 2010.
• “Dialéctica para una Voz Propia en Cecilia Valdés.” Koloniales Kaleidoskop Karibik. Berlin, July 2009.

Graduate/Advanced Undergraduate
• Colonial Hispano-African Narrative in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries (Stanford University).
• Leopoldo Alas’ La Regenta (U.C. Berkeley).

Survey Courses
• Modern Iberian Literatures (Stanford University).
• Introduction to the Study of Spanish Literature and Culture (LMU).

Lower Division Seminars
• The 19th-Century Anti-Slavery Novel: Europe and the U.S. (LMU).
• The modern maritime novel as the constructin of a transnational imagination. (LMU)
• The Baroque in Spain and Latin America (LMU).
• The 19th-century Novel: Galdós' Fortunata y Jacinta (LMU).
• Costumbrismo in Spain and Latin America (LMU).
• Discourses of Orientalism in Romantic Europe (LMU).
• Female Psychology and Social Criticism: Alas’ La Regenta (LMU).
• Islands and Imperialism: a Postcolonial Interpretation (LMU).
• The Picaresque in Europe (LMU).
• Race and Gender in Spanish Romanticism (LMU).
• Representaciones de lo racial en Cuba, siglos XIX y XX (LMU).
• Spanish Female Writers of the Romantic Period (LMU).
• La vida picaresca: El Lazarillo de Tormes (LMU).

Spanish Language
• Courses at various levels (LMU and U.C. Berkeley).

Teaching Assistantships
• Knowledge and its Limits (U.C. Berkeley Philosophy).
• Philosophical Methods (U.C. Berkeley Philosophy).
• The Social Contract (U. of Pennsylvania Philosophy).
• Formal Logic (U. of Pennsylvania Philosophy).

• Refereeing for Bulletin of Hispanic Studies and Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos.
• Conception and organization of two-part conference, “Costumbrismo: Ethnographies of the Everyday (Munich 2015) and “Representing Everyday Life: Costumbrismo in Narrative Fiction and Film” (Berkeley 2016).
• Blog post: “Publicar artículos sobre literatura hispánica en Estados Unidos.” <https://cosasdebetistas.wordpress.com/2017/06/15/publicar-articulos-sobre-literatura-hispanica-en-estados-unidos-por-ana-mateos/>.
• Program Officer for the Peninsular Literature Panel, PAMLA 2013.
• Lecture in the LMU Ringvorlesung: Panorama der Romanischen Literaturen. “Eine transatlantische Annäherung an die Revolution von 1868” (December 2012).

2015 - 2016: Successful application for grant of 20,000 EUR from the LMU-Berkeley Research in the Humanities Program for two-part conference on Costumbrismo.

• Workshop: Implementing a Teaching Virtual Environment, LMU Profil, Apr. 24 2021.
• Workshop: Teaching a Lecture in German, LMU Profil, Oct. 18, 2019.
• Online Course: “Introduction to Digital Humanities.” HarvardX, Apr.-Oct. 2019.
• Online Course: “Aplicaciones y posibilidades del procesamiento del lenguaje natural para la Investigación en humanidades.” UNED, Summer 2018.
• Workshop: Methods in Teaching, LMU Profil, Nov. 13-14, 2017.
• Workshop: The Use of Games in Teaching, LMU Sprachenzentrum, Oct. 20, 2017.
• Workshop: Digital Techniques for the Flipped Classroom, LMU Sprachenzentrum, Oct. 5, 2017.
• Taller de Expresión Escrita del Español, LMU Sprachenzentrum, April 28, 2017.

• 2019-2021: LMU Mentoring Programm - Research and Career Support.
• 2009-2010: Dissertation Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley Spanish and Portuguese Dept.
• 2008-2009: Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley.
• Summer 2008: Grant, U.C. Berkeley Program in Romance Languages and Literatures.
• Fall 2007: Academic Progress Award, U.C. Berkeley.
• Summer 2007: Graduate Division Summer Grant, U.C. Berkeley.
• Summer 2006: Grant, U.C. Berkeley Program in Romance Languages and Literatures.
• Summer 2006: FLAS Fellowship for language study, U.C. Berkeley (declined).
• 2005-2006: Departmental Fellowship, U.C. Berkeley Spanish and Portuguese Dept.